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Vapor Blaster Gun

Increase productivity at the office or at home by shooting big vapor rings up to 12 feet! No need to blow smoke rings out of your mouth anymore with this Zero Fog Blaster. Comes with non-toxic fog vapor to reload […]

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Millenium Falcon Quadcopter

Personally pilot this famous Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 Freighter spaceship, otherwise known as the Millenium Falcon. Even Han Solo would be proud of the specs on this quadcopter, with 4 balanced rotors, a 200ft range, LED lights, and authentic sounds […]

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Caffeinated Peanut Butter

Get a nice caffeine boost from your PB&J with this caffeinated peanut butter! Made from all natural ingredients, this great protein source slowly releases caffeine into your system by bonding to the healthy fats for sustained energy throughout the day.

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Anti-Theft Moldy Sandwich Bag

Co-workers stealing your food? Prevent them from putting their grubby hands on your sandwiches with this moldy sandwich bag. The funny mold design looks like actual mold and the bag is reusable so you can continue to ward off your gluttonous […]

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Darth Vader Toaster

Experience the dark side of toast with this awesome Darth Vader toaster. Just in case you forget the movie franchise Darth Vader belongs to, this will toast the Star Wars logo into one side of your toasted carb of choice.

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Cat Crib

Introducing the clever Cat Crib! (As if your cat didn’t have enough places to lounge around your home.) Now your furry feline friend can relax in a comfy hammock that fits underneath just about any chair. Provides a nice place […]

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Minecraft Creeper Backpack

Two great things about this Creeper backpack: it has SO many pockets and it won’t explode when you touch it! This backpack can hold just about everything you would need for a day of work or school. Plus, it has […]

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R2-D2 Measuring Cups

Just when you thought you had seen all of R2’s amazing utilities, you probably had no idea he could actually disassemble himself to help you weigh matter. You can now have your own miniature droid to help you bake galactic treats. […]

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Dog Pool Float

You shouldn’t get to have all the fun floating in the pool soaking up the sun while sipping on your martini. Your dog that constantly circles the pool and barks at its misfortune for not joining you in your floating […]

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Star Wars Cookbook

Learn to make awesome galactic treats that no Rebel could resist with this Star Wars cookbook. Features recipes like Wookiee Cookies, C-3PO Pancakes, and even Jedi Juice Bars that will have any Ewok drooling on Yavin 4.

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Star Wars Love Cufflinks

Tell your significant other you really love them…Han Solo style. Just keep it simple and reply, “I love you too”. – said Han Solo NEVER. Get this pair of Han Solo/Princess Leia cufflinks and just look into her eyes and […]

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Strawberry Kit Kats

Apparently Japan loves Kit Kat. So much so that they’ve invented pretty much every flavor you could possibly think of, including candied sweet potato. As deliciously enticing as a chocolate starch sounds, we’re featuring these strawberry flavored Kit Kat because […]

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